The Association of English Law 

is a network of lawyers qualified both in England and the Czech Republic. Our mission is to bring together lawyers who are dually qualified and able to provide their clients with comprehensive legal services requiring in-depth knowledge of both legal systems.

About us

Are you looking for a lawyer who can provide legal services both under the Czech law as well as under the English law? You have come to the right place. Below, you can find multiple profiles of lawyers practicing both English and Czech law for clients seeking this unique combination of qualification and experience. Lawyers presented on this website operate independently to each other offer legal services to their clients directly. In case you seek such dually qualified lawyer or advice in either Czech or English law, please see our members section. If you have any questions about the AAP itself, please contact us using contact information in the contacts section.

Our mission is to:

Bring together dually qualified lawyers who qualify in both Czech and English law

Enable our members posessing this unique qualification to offer their services to public

Cooperate with national and international institutions on promotion of English law in the Czech Republic

Help Czech clients to run and/or establish their business in the United Kingdom

Help English clients to run and/or establish their business in the Czech Republic

Promote interest in English law and facilitate conferences, seminars and other related activities to public

Facilitate cooperation between czech legal firms and experts in the area of English law

Provide news, opinions and general information about developments in English law

We hope that you will find the content on these pages useful

Jakub Honzík
and Vladimír Ambruz

The Association of English Law – first association bringing together English lawyers in the Czech Republic.

Founding members

Mgr. Jakub Honzík LL.M.

Attorney-at-law, Solicitor of England and Wales
CBA: 18859, SRA: 604678

I offer my clients legal services in all areas of Czech law as well as in selected areas of European and English law. I specialize in corporate law, litigation and criminal defense. Cornerstones of my practice are client care, conscientiousness and protection of my clients and their interests.

Vladimír Ambruz, LL.M. et LL.M.

Attorney-at-law, Solicitor of England and Wales
CBA: 20454, SRA: 554543

I provide legal services in the Czech Republic and in England. I am a consultant of law firms in England. I offer to my clients legal services in selected areas of Czech, European and English law. Please visit my website by clicking on the link below.

Members of the AAP

Jan Šleis

                        Legal counsel at Skanska, non-practising Solicitor                        CBA: 50297, SRA: 598234

Jan offers over eight years of experience within UK’s top tier English and American law firms. Jan focused on transactional agenda, primarily corporate/commercial and real estate. Jan offers his services in English, German, Czech and Russian.


JUDr. Veronika Vošahlíková

Attorney-at-law, Solicitor of England and Wales
CBA: 17729, SRA: 570550

Founder of VeVosLegal law firm offering legal services to her clients while focusing on commercial, civil and real estate law.

Mgr. Martin Vlk

Attorney-at-law, Solicitor of England and Wales
CBA: 18987, SRA: 590381

Focusing on international M&A transactions governed by Czech and English law. I also advise on complex supply contracts (purchase agreements, T&Cs, IT contracts) and complex commercial contracts in general. I have a network of contacts in legal profession across Europe and Turkey.

Join us

We welcome solicitors qualified in England and Czech Republic to join the AAP. For further information, please contact us at:

We are here to help you navigate English law


Meeting the International Association of Young Lawyers

On January 19, 2023, a New Year's meeting was held in the center of Prague between members of the AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) and members of the Association of English Law. The event was a great opportunity for the members of both organizations...

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Close co-operation with a UK law firm

Vladimir Ambruz, a co-founder of the AAP, established a close co-operation with a firm of solicitors based in the United Kingdom. Vladimir provides legal services in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

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The English College in Prague refers about AAP

In cooperation with the AAP, the English College in Prague published an article in its newsletter about the goals of our association. Some members of the AAP studied at the English College in Prague before studying law in England. Information about the AAP may be of...

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Solicitors Jakub Honzik and Vladimir Ambruz established the Association

Interview with co-founders of the Association for English Law (AAP) Vladimír Ambruz and Jakub Honzík. This article contains founders vision for the future of the AAP and its mission statement.                                                                            ...

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Articles and Interviews

The Association of English Law


Is the Association for English law (AAP) a law firm?

The AAP is a society in accordance with Art. 214 of the Civil Code, and therefore it cannot act as a law firm (we are currently in the process of registering the AAP into the societal register of the Czech Republic). The AAP  acts as an informal network for lawyers who are qualified in both the Czech as well as in English law. The AAP does not employ anyone, nor does it seek to have its own clients. Lawyers listed in the Members section operate independently of the AAP either individually or through a law firm. If you would like to contact any of the lawyers listed above, please contact them directly. We will be happy if you informed them, that you found their contact through the AAP. AAP does not participate on actual provision of legal services and does not receive any reimbursements or referral fees from its members.

Can I participate on the AAP even if I am not a lawyer?

If you are interested in English law, its history and practical application in both the Czech Republic and abroad or want to participate on any of the AAP´s objectives listed above, you can contact us at the AAP email address listed below in the contacts section ( We welcome cooperation with anyone who is interested in furthering our objectives.

Can I place my profile at the AAP pages, even if I am only qualified as a lawyer in either the Czech Republic or the United Kingdom (i.e. not both)?

Currently, the AAP only publishes profiles of dually qualified lawyers on its pages. Our members must be registered both with the Czech Bar Association as well as with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. One of the purposes of these pages is to promote legal services  of those lawyers, who are fully qualifed to provide legal services in both Czech and English law to their clients in the Czech Republic.

Is there a membership fee?

Membership in the AAP is free of charge. For us, it is enough of a reward for our investment in the AAP, if its members actively help us with fulfilling AAP´s objectives.

Contact us

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In case you have a question to a particular lawyer/solicitor please find his/her contact information in the Members section above.

The Association of English Law is a registered society, with its seat at Nad spádem 641/20, 147 00, Prague, ID: 09319093

Partners of APP

AK Honzík